1. Fun Games That Help Your Students Learn Spanish

    There’s no question that children love playing games. In fact, one of the best ways to help children learn a new skill is by incorporating it into a game, and if you plan on becoming a teacher, knowing how to do this is a valuable skill. At Crossing Borders, we strive to help those who wish to become a Spanish teacher by providing them with all the skills and materials they need to be successful…Read More

  2. Tips For Effectively Teaching Children

    Children spend a lot of their days running around and playing games, which can make it difficult if it’s your responsibility to try and teach them. As a teacher, you will have to develop new methods of teaching that will appeal to children. In today’s post, we will go over a few effective teaching strategies that will hopefully give you a few ideas on how to teach your students in the future. …Read More

  3. How Traveling Can Help You Be A Better Teacher

    As a teacher, you want to do the best job that you can. You want to be able to inspire children and help them understand the material. The job of being a teacher is never over, and there are times when it can become difficult, especially if you are trying to teach children a new language. That being said, if becoming a Spanish teacher is something that you desire, Crossing Borders is here to help.…Read More

  4. Five Rewards of Being a Teacher

    A teacher has the important job of helping other people learn. From math and science to languages and art, teachers are more influential in our lives than we may realize. If you are considering a career change or looking for another way to fill your time, becoming a Spanish teacher through Crossing Borders may be just what you’re looking for. Through our training programs, you will receive all t…Read More

  5. 4 Reasons You Should Become A Spanish Teacher

    Teaching is a rewarding career, and teaching children Spanish opens up more doors than you could possibly imagine. There are numerous studies that sing the praises of how learning a second language at a young age is extremely beneficial to their early childhood development. That being said, what about the dedicated teachers who help these students learn a new language? At Crossing Borders, we can …Read More

  6. Tips For Becoming A Great Teacher

    As a teacher, you have a first-row seat to watch as your students enhance their cognitive abilities. However, the job of a teacher can be stressful, especially when you are teaching a new language. Luckily, Crossing Borders has proven training methods to help you, and your students, reach full potential. By completing our training program, you will be setting yourself up for a career as a successf…Read More

  7. Spanish Dialects Of The World: Part Three

    The Spanish language spans many different countries and because of this, the language has adopted many different cultures and dialects. In part one of our multi-part series, we talked about the Castilian and Latin American dialects of the Spanish language, and in part two, we talked about the Rioplatense and Caribbean dialects. Each dialect we have discussed thus far has its own unique qualities a…Read More

  8. Spanish Dialects Of The World: Part Two

    In order to fully learn and experience a new language, it’s important that you learn a little bit about the history of the language and about how the language developed. If you are planning on teaching your child Spanish, or thinking about learning it yourself, Teach Spanish 2 Kids has all the resources you need to make learning Spanish not only informative, but fun as well. Our company offers S…Read More

  9. Different Spanish Dialects Of The World: Part One

    If you are considering teaching your child to speak Spanish, or even learning it yourself, it’s a good idea to learn a little bit about the language itself and not just the phrases and grammar. Teach Spanish 2 Kids is a great resource when it comes to learning the Spanish language. We offer basic Spanish lessons to help you learn Spanish phrases and grammar while providing your child with an int…Read More

  10. How To Trick Your Child Into Learning Spanish

    In our last blog, we talked about some of the top reasons you should enroll your child in a language learning program. Most likely, you as the parent are fully on board with teaching your child a second language at a young age. However, your child might not be willing to cooperate which is why in today’s blog, we will discuss some sneaky ways to “trick” your child into learning a second lang…Read More