In our last blog, we talked about some of the top reasons you should enroll your child in a language learning program. Most likely, you as the parent are fully on board with teaching your child a second language at a young age. However, your child might not be willing to cooperate which is why in today’s blog, we will discuss some sneaky ways to “trick” your child into learning a second language.

If you are considering Spanish as a second language for your child, check out Teach Spanish 2 Kids! Our program provides you with Spanish lessons for children including Spanish learning tools such as music and games! It’s important to start as early as possible if you want your child to reap the benefits of being bilingual. Check out our website for more information and purchase your Spanish learning tools today!

Children want to have fun in everything they do. For tips on how to make learning a second language a fun ordeal, read some of our suggestions below!

Surround Your Child With the Language

The best way to learn another language is to be surrounded by it. As an adult, the easiest approach would be to join a “study group” of sorts with other people studying the language, or to go on a trip to a country that speaks the language you are trying to learn. For a child, this may be a little more difficult.

Learning new languages at a young age is becoming more and more common. It might be a good idea to see if there is a playgroup in your area that is dedicated to immersing children into different languages or set up a playdate with another child who lives in a bilingual home. By making it a playdate, your kid won’t even realize that they are learning, they will just think it’s fun!

Make Story Time a Learning Experience

All children want to hear their favorite story before bedtime, but what if you read them that story in a different language? Most libraries have a section of books that aren’t in English. Next time you’re there, see if they have your child’s favorite bedtime story or another story you think they would like. Reading their bedtime story in another language keeps the routine of having a story before bed, but it’s also a learning experience for your child. You could even offer to read two books as a compromise if your child is being fussy; one in English and one in the language they are trying to learn. If your youngster is at the age where they are learning to read, have them try reading the story to you.

Utilize Entertainment

If you have a child who enjoys making up games or listening to music, take advantage of that! Teach Spanish 2 Kids offers both games and downloadable music in Spanish so your child can learn a second language without even knowing it. If you download the Spanish songs to your phone, your child could even learn Spanish in the car on the way to school or a friend’s house, or during the weekly grocery runs. Teach Spanish 2 Kids offers fun and interactive Spanish learning techniques so that even the pickiest of children can benefit from learning Spanish.

On rainy days, you still have opportunities to learn. Rent a kid’s movie in another language and sit your child down for a lazy day on the couch. Your child will learn Spanish phrases (or whatever language you decide to teach them) while enjoying a movie and you can even invite their friends over! Who said television can’t be beneficial to children?


How many times have you watched a TV show or movie and the character is trying to learn a new language by labeling everything in their home? It might sound crazy, but what if it actually works? Put labels on some of the more commonly used items in your home and turn it into a game for your kid! You could label everything with either the English word or the word in the other language and then give your child cards with the opposite word to have them play a matching game.

For example, say you labeled your items with the Spanish words, you would then hand your child note cards with the English word. They would have to go around the house matching the correct English word with the correct Spanish word. If your child gets them all right, reward them with a special treat! This is a great way to practice both the new language while reinforcing the native language, which as you know from our previous blog, is very important.

Have Fun!

The main point is to have fun with learning a new language. Your child is more likely to resist if the learning process isn’t fun. Teach Spanish 2 Kids provides parents and teachers with the materials they need for an interactive Spanish learning experience. Teaching children Spanish doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can spice it up with music and games that both you and your child will love. Visit Teach Spanish 2 Kids’ website to get your beginner Spanish lesson plans or contact us for more information.