There’s no question that children love playing games. In fact, one of the best ways to help children learn a new skill is by incorporating it into a game, and if you plan on becoming a teacher, knowing how to do this is a valuable skill. At Crossing Borders, we strive to help those who wish to become a Spanish teacher by providing them with all the skills and materials they need to be successful. We offer a variety of training programs ranging from basic Spanish instruction, Spanish summer camps, immersion programs, and more! Becoming a Spanish teacher is a fulfilling career, and if you want to get started, visit today!

In addition to training, Crossing Borders offers Spanish teaching materials so that you can equip your classroom with everything you need. That being said, another tool you need in your arsenal is the ability to teach children Spanish in a fun and exciting way. In today’s post, we will go over a few games that your students will love so much, they won’t even realize that they are learning.

Cups And Letters

This game is perfect for when you’re trying to teach both basic Spanish vocabulary and spelling, and you can adapt the game for whatever lesson you are currently working on. To prepare for the game, select 10 words that you would like the students to work on. Depending on the age of your students, you can make the words as hard or as easy as you would like. Once you have the words picked out, you will need a variety of cups. For this step, you will need to figure out how many groups you would like to split your students into. If you’re using different colored cups, you will need the same number of colors as there are teams, so each team can have their own color. For example, team one has blue cups, team two has red cups, and so on.

On the bottom of each cup you will write a single letter, and you will need enough cups that there is a letter to spell out each of the 10 words. If there are any double letters in the words, be sure that there are enough cups with that letter. Once you have the cups prepared for each team, set them out in the front of the classroom and have your students split into their teams. When the students have split into their teams, have them sit in a line facing the front of the classroom and their team’s set of cups.

To start the game, you will announce one of the 10 words. These words can be in either English or Spanish, and your students will have to spell the word in the opposite language. For example, if you say “ice cream” in English, the students will have to spell it in Spanish. After you say the word, the first student in each team’s line will race to the cups and spell out the word in the desired language. Once the student has finished, he or she will raise his or her hand. The first person to spell out the word correctly will get a point for their team.

The game concludes when all 10 words have been spelled, and the team with the most points wins!

Make The Connection

If you’re looking for a game that will help your students associate Spanish words with objects, this is the game for you! Start by writing 10 words on the board with five words on each side. Make sure that there is either a picture or an object that matches up with each of the 10 words on the board.

Next, split your students into two groups and give them a ball of string and a roll of tape. The goal is to find an object or a picture that matches with the words on the board and connect the two with string. Your students will have to tape one end of the string to the board and one end to the object or picture.

This game will cause your classroom to be a web of string, but your students will have a blast while also associating the Spanish language with physical objects. Feel free to give any assistance they may need during the game.

Kids enjoy learning when you make it fun, and games a great way to help children learn a new language. If you’re looking for a way to start a new, fulfilling career that will bring you joy, then Crossing Borders can give you the tools to become a Spanish teacher. Get started today at!