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This class will prepare you to teach the following age groups:

  • 18 months to three years old
  • Four to six years old
  • Seven to 12 years old

Spanish classes for children are usually taught in blocks of 45 minutes to 90 minutes either once or twice a week. These classes can be taught in a group or private face-to-face setting, or an online setting. Crossing Borders offers an online platform for certified instructors.

When you purchase our Spanish Enrichment training you will receive:

  • Spanish teaching materials for children 18 months to six years old, which will be sent to you via mail.
  • Parent guide – an easy-to-follow guide for parents to help and connect with their children as they learn Spanish.
  • Teacher edition book
  • Morning routine video
  • Juegos y Cantos Cd and book
  • Posters, bingo boards, memory games, etc.
  • Everything you need to make your class colorful and professional!

Along with all the Spanish teaching material listed above, you will also receive:

  • Three hours of training with our Operations Support Specialist, Carmen Campos – a value of $600
  • One hour of training with our lead teacher, Ceci Gonzalez – a value of $200

The total value of our Spanish Enrichment Training and Spanish teaching materials as described above is $984.96 plus shipping. We are selling it to you for $497 plus shipping!

If you plan on purchasing the Spanish Enrichment Training, please follow the steps below:

  • Sign up and pay for the training ($497). You will receive an email containing confirmation of your payment and access to begin the training.
  • Your Spanish teaching materials will be sent to your email as well.
  • Once you finish the training, a diploma of completion will be sent to your email.

Certified Crossing Borders Instructor:

Certified Instructors are recognized by Crossing Borders as instructors that have taken their training, use the supplied Spanish teaching materials, and are recognized as being top-notch instructors. All Crossing Borders certified instructors will have the opportunity to be promoted on our website for parents who are seeking Spanish instructors.

How can you become a Spanish Certified Crossing Borders Instructor? Follow these steps!

1: Sign up and pay for training ($497). You will receive a confirmation of payment and access to begin the training via e-mail.

2: You will also receive your materials via email.

3: Once you finish the training, a diploma of completion.

4: Sign up and pay for your certificate ($200).

5: Before you complete the training, you must complete an online examination that also includes a video submission of a mock class. Applicants must receive a minimum of 70 percent on the exam to pass the training. Only three attempts will be allowed for an extra fee of $50.00 per attempt.

6: After successful completion, Crossing Borders will send a certificate to you both via e-mail and via mail.

After you become a Spanish Certified Instructor, you have the option to choose a membership plan that works for you from our four available plans.