Children’s brains are constantly absorbing new information, which is why it makes sense that they are often referred to as “sponges.” It is during this time that it is best to teach your child a second language, and Teach Spanish 2 Kids makes this easy. We offer basic Spanish lessons, books, songs and even fun games to help your child learn Spanish. Visit our website to see all the Spanish learning tools we have to offer.

Learning a new language is hard and some find that it takes much more time and effort than they are willing to commit. In today’s blog, we will talk about some of the benefits that come with teaching your child to speak a second language at an early age.

Why is it so Easy?

Children’s brains are programmed to learn. Think about it, most of the things your child learns in the first few years of life, they learn by watching and listening to their parents. By utilizing language learning programs, you are taking advantage of that instinct to learn.

A simple way to expose your child to another language is by listening to music. Teach Spanish 2 Kids offers downloadable music in Spanish, so your child could learn Spanish phrases and grammar easily. Your child can even learn Spanish in the car! All you have to do is download the music to your mobile device and take it with you anywhere!

Higher Academic Achievement

Every parent wants their child to succeed in school. By learning a second language at a young age, your child develops certain skills that give them a leg up in their academic careers. Studies have shown that learning another language at a young age helps with the following:

  • Multi-tasking abilities
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving skills
  • Flexibility of mind
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Enhanced memory

Better Linguistics

It may seem obvious, but learning a second language at a young age results in a better understanding of that new language. The sponge-like quality of a child’s brain absorbs the grammar and conversational aspects of the new language better than it would if they tried to learn the same language later in life.

In the past, there have been fears that children learning a second language will have trouble or confusion with their native language. This fear has been proven false and it actually turns out that those who learn another language at a young age start reading earlier and have an easier time identifying grammatically incorrect sentences.

A Boost In Empathy

With all the technology being used in today’s society, there has been a decrease in empathetic behavior in the younger generations. This decrease is a consequence of constant interaction with screens instead of other human beings. Luckily, studies have shown that children who are bilingual show better results when tested for empathy than those children who only speak one language.

One such study was done by Dr. Katherine Kinzler at Cornell University. She found that, “children in multilingual environments have social experiences that provide routine practice in considering the perspectives of others: they have to think about who speaks what language to whom, who understands which content, and the times and places in which different languages are spoken.”

Connections To More People

Think of all the times you’ve been in the grocery store or at the park, or even on vacation with your family, and you’ve heard someone speaking a different language you didn’t understand. Now imagine you were able to communicate and connect with them. If you expose your child to language learning programs at a young age, you’re opening doors to more connections. They will be able to meet more people and have more experiences than those who only speak one language.

For example, if you start teaching your child to speak Spanish at a young age, and later in life they decide to study abroad in Spain or some other Spanish-speaking country, think of how beneficial that trip will be for them. Instead of struggling to learn the language the entire trip, your child will be out experiencing the culture and the people. Learning another language also gives your family a great opportunity to visit another country together.

Career Opportunities

As a parent, you’re constantly looking out for your child’s future. By giving them the opportunity to learn another language at a young age, you are also giving them access to more career opportunities later in life. It’s no secret that employers appreciate someone who can speak another language and in some fields it’s even required. With a second language on your child’s resume, it’s amazing what opportunities will be available to them.

These are only a few of the reasons your child should learn another language as soon as possible. Teach Spanish 2 Kids has been using their interactive Spanish learning curriculum to teach children Spanish for years. Now, you have the opportunity to use their materials and Spanish lesson plans to give your child skills that will last their entire life. Visit our website today!