Crossing Borders offers unique language immersion programs that are individually tailored for adults, teens, and children.

Founded in The Woodlands, TX by CEO Elvia Taylor, Crossing Borders has successfully helped thousands of people who are seeking to learn a second language. Crossing Borders has now grown from one small room at Elvia Taylor’s home to two franchises and one successful preschool in Rice Village.

Crossing Borders offers diverse programs such as:

  • Crossing Borders Language Center, which offers language enrichment programs for adults and children.
  • Spring, summer, and winter camps in Spanish and English
  • Crossing Borders International Preschool

Since 2001, Crossing Borders has developed their own lesson plans and Spanish teaching materials for each program. Today, Crossing Borders is ready to help you as a parent or teacher to find the correct material that will help your child or student. From posters and music, to DVDs, CDs, and more, we have it all! We are now offering training to native Spanish speakers that have the passion for teaching and starting their own business.

With the experience of our Crossing Borders staff and our innovative lesson plans, we are so excited to teach you how to grow your business and how to teach children a second language!

Please take a look at all of the Spanish teaching materials we have to offer!

If you are someone interested in starting or improving your second language business, call us for more information at (281) 465-0899!