About Elvia Taylor

Elvia Taylor has been involved in language education as a teachers, consultant, advocate, entrepreneur, and a mother since 1984. In 2001, Elvia was working in corporate America when she recognized that there were people who wanted to learn English or Spanish. Elvia spoke both languages perfectly and so she decided to start her own business. Using her dining room table and a guest room that she converted into a classroom, Elvia opened her home to students every evening and the business took off!

Today, Elvia has a successful preschool in the Houston-Rice Village area and has sold two franchises focusing on language classes for adults. Her preschool in Houston is recognized as one of the top preschools in the area and there is a waiting list for children who are eager to learn a second language.

Elvia has grown her business from a $10 investment in 2001 to over 2 million dollars in sales a year. Elvia has taken the idea of creating a superior preschool for children from a concept, to inception, to a full-scale operation. Elvia is now helping others start their own businesses without having to invest too much, as well as putting together her lessons for worldwide use.

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Welcome to Crossing Borders! My name is Elvia Taylor and I am the CEO/Founder and owner of Crossing Borders. Crossing Borders’ staff features an Operations Support Specialist, who has more than 25 years of experience as a teacher/principal in the public and private school sector and has been with the company for three years. Our staff also includes members with master’s degrees in accounting, human resources, education, and marketing. All of the staff at Crossing Borders love what they do and they have worked with me from anywhere between three and 15 years. Together, we run languages schools (multiple locations), we run a full-time international preschool, and we have developed our own techniques, Spanish teaching materials, and Spanish lesson plans for our children.

Today, Crossing Borders has successfully taught their clients for 16 years. We have experience in teaching children as young as six months, as well as adults, companies, and schools. Crossing Borders is now a well-known school in the Houston and Rice Village area with three divisions:

· Crossing Borders Preschool and Spanish summer camps

· Crossing Borders language centers

· Crossing Borders trainings

We are all committed to help you grow your business!